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Whether it is gas, wood or pellet, we can make you warm and cozy with any quality products we carry!

Need to transform your den into a place for the family to keep warm while making a stylish statement? We will install a new fireplace or replace your old one, from tearing out the walls to the finished product. You don't need a contractor and us; we will get the job done from start to finish. We are fully insured and are fully able to complete your turn-key project.

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If it is a grill you are looking for, big or small, we have them all...gas, charcoal, pellet or smokers.

Our bbq experience and expertise qualifies us to guide you in making an informed choice in the best tool for your outdoor cooking needs.



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Sauces, rubs, & a lot more! 

From Butt Rub and Lotta Bull to Spankin™ Sauce and Smoky Mountain Smokers, we carry a wide variety of bbq sauces, rubs and marinades used by professional and backyard bbq lovers alike. We also have a unique assortment of local jams, jellies, relishes, salsas, molasses and honey.

We also carry high performing accessories to enhance your cooking techniques.

Whether you are just starting out or are known as the pit master of your neighborhood, our friendly staff and unique sauces can help you improve your cuisine! 

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We offer pellets for cooking and for heating. We proudly sell BBQr's Delight and Lignetics! Check out their products below!

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