This Month's Specials 

Dear Pellet Fuel Customers,


Well, once again it is time to look at your pellet fuel stock. It was a mild winter, but cool enough that we do not have many left here now so we have 2 trucks ordered for the summer and one for the fall.  We anticipate more installs of stoves this coming year with the new tax credit that is 25% of the entire install price. That is good for wood and pellet.  We are running the same special as last year for early buy with the same dates as last year. Prices however are going up this year.  


Prices are as follows:


For orders paid by May 15th the price will be $295 per ton.


For orders paid after May 15th the price per ton will be $335 per ton.


For those of you who may need your stove serviced we are also running the summer special again for that at 10% off. Regular $225 is now $202.50 until August 1st. If you would like to schedule that please let us know.


We also continue to offer delivery of pellets for $95-110 per ton depending on your location. 


Thank you! 

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